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Forget Security Complexity

Forget Security Overhead

Forget Security Threats

Cloud-Based Antivirus and Endpoint Protection for your Business

“Panda Cloud Office Protection (PCOP) provides cost-effective enterprise-class security for SMBs” Biz Tech Magazine, January 2011

Forget Security Complexity

No antivirus servers or VPNs needed. Use just a web browser to install and manage endpoint protection

Forget Security Overhead

Eliminate system slowdowns caused by antivirus and endpoint protection software

Forget Security Threats

Stronger protection against the latest threats by combining security from the cloud with traditional endpoint protection

Panda Cloud Office Protection

Endpoint Protection From the Cloud

Maximized Protection

Provides protection for files, emails, HTTP/FTP, downloads, and instant messaging

Continuous Updates

Ensures protection against the latest threats by continuously updating security signatures

No System Slowdowns

Transfers most of the processor-intensive activities to the cloud, reducing systems slowdowns

No Servers or VPNs

Enables easy management of endpoint protection using a standard web browser, eliminating the need for costly antivirus server infrastructure and VPNs

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“Over the history of the company we have found keeping up with security and antivirus updates was an overwhelming task. Now that we use PCOP, centralized management has become a breeze.”

Rob Walker, Director of Operations
Data Solutions Inc

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