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Panda Cloud Office Protection

Cloud-Based Antivirus and Endpoint Protection for your Business

Product Overview

Panda Cloud Office Protection is cloud-based antivirus and endpoint protection that helps you forget security headaches – complexity, overhead, and threats.

It is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations with:

Limited Budgets / Small IT Teams

Reduced IT Costs

Eliminate antivirus servers, databases, appliances, VPNs, and other software for managing endpoint protection.

Reduced Travel Time and Costs

Eliminate travel to remote office locations to deploy antivirus servers or endpoint protection for employees. Using a web-based management console, you can remotely install and manage endpoint protection.

Remote Offices / Distributed Users

Remote Web-based Management

Deploy and manage endpoint protection remotely via a web browser. Find the status of protection for distributed users, such as remote employees, road warriors, traveling executives, students, as soon as they connect to the Internet.

Continuous Updates and Transparent Upgrades

Benefit from continuous and automatic security signature and protection engine updates that protect against the latest threats without requiring users to connect to the corporate network.

No Patience for Slowdowns

Eliminate system slowdowns due to security software - Panda Cloud Office Protection transfers most of the processor-intensive activities to the cloud and minimizes the memory footprint on the endpoint.

A Need for Stronger Security

Maximized Protection

Maximize protection for files, emails, HTTP/FTP, downloads, and instant messaging against known, unknown, and hidden threats (virus, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, rootkits, phishing) by combining security from the cloud with traditional endpoint protection.

Continuous Security Updates

Updates security engine, types of protection technologies and signatures continuously and transparently to ensure protection against the latest and most dangerous threats.

Collective Intelligence

Panda Collective Intelligence is a second-generation community-driven cloud security service used by tens of millions of endpoints worldwide. It combines white-listing, black-listing, heuristics, and file reputation to automatically collect and classify binary files to significantly improve protection.

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Panda Security Awards

“Panda Cloud Office Protection (PCOP) provides cost-effective enterprise-class security for SMBs”

Biz Tech Magazine, January 2011

“Runner-Up in Technology Innovation Awards”

Wall Street Journal, October 2010

“Editor’s Choice”

PC Magazine, June 2010

“Advanced +
Performance Test”

AV Comparatives, Dec 2010

“Certified and Top Rank in Q2 Product Review”

AV-Test.org, 2010

“5 Stars”

SC Magazine, July 2010