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Retail Data Systems

“IT security is very important for our business. However, endpoint protection doesn’t have to take lots of time and resources, especially for smaller IT organizations supporting key business systems for employees, partners and customers, with no time to spare. We are very happy with Panda Cloud Office Protection. It delivers strong security that is transparent for everyday users and doesn’t get in the way. The ability to quickly pre-configure endpoint protection for different groups in a web-based console and push it to laptops, desktops and servers is huge for us. Along with having one less server to maintain, it saves us lots of time and frustration to compare with previous corporate antivirus products we used to have. We don’t have to worry anymore about antivirus, maintaining servers and scheduling scans. It frees more time for us to focus on our core business.”

Director of Operations

550 Users

Meeker School District

“With a small IT department, we always have a high project to staff ratio. The last thing we need is additional antivirus infrastructure to manage. Panda Cloud Office Protection saves us time with one less server to manage. When we were looking for endpoint protection solutions, we realized the advantages of cloud-based endpoint protection right away - it simplifies management and reduces resources and costs associated with maintaining an antivirus infrastructure. And it doesn’t slow our systems down as much as other antivirus products.”

IT Director

500 Users

Luckinbill Incorporated

“Managing antivirus and endpoint protection for distributed users was a significant challenge for our IT department. The ability to remotely install and manage endpoint protection with Panda Cloud Office Protection for every one of our users, greatly simplified our workload and increased our overall security.”

VP Operations

100 Users

Vigo County School Corporation, USA

“Panda tested better than any other company we evaluated. And because, like many school districts, we have a large number of older, lower-powered computers, we were very impressed with the low level of system resources required to provide effective protection.”

Doug Miller, Computer Service Technician, IT

2,500 Users

Case Study (PDF)

Data Solutions

“Over the history of the company we have found keeping up with security and antivirus updates was an overwhelming task. Now that we use PCOP, centralized management has become a breeze. After using PCOP for the last three months we have found it to be easy to use and set up. The setup and monitoring has become a key service we now offer to our MSP clients, and a fast-growing product in our solutions line”

Rob Walker, Director of Operations

188 Users

Case Study (PDF)


“The advantages of Panda Cloud Office Protection? Its easy administration, the anti-spyware module which we found lacking in other products and the fact that Panda Security employs strategic thinking. We couldn’t allow the security to conflict with other applications, which is what happened with McAfee and Norton. We were unable to integrate these. Panda CloudOffice Protection presented absolutely no problems.”

Frank Beks, Managing Director

40,000 Users

Case Study (PDF)


“Panda Cloud Office Protection is a ‘perfect fit’ for RDS-Global as all updated are automatic with no need for support team intervention. This means that we can focus on our core business of providing the highest levels of support and service to our customers.”

Rob Kay, IT Manager


Instituto dos Museus e da Conservação

“The prime needs of IMC were to resolve the multiple incidents that had occurred with the previous product — a traditional security solution from another vendor — and a solution for the problems derived from managing the security of such a disperse network. The Performance of the computers has greatly increased. The solution has practically no impact on our resources. Since the installation, we had no more problems with malware, contrary to what had occurred in the past. We always have good technical support from Panda Security. They are fast and efficient”

Dr. María do Carmo, IT Manager


Gloucestershire National Health Service, UK

“In two months, the Panda solution has identified 435 suspect items, mainly spyware, which is hundreds more than our previous antivirus system.”

Tom Day, IT Support Engineer